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Our success is success of our clients. We foresee being one of the most trusted and steadfast business process outsourcing solution providers by giving better customer service. DEVBHOOMI ONLINE PVT. LTD. as a brand aims to achieve sustainable growth and excellence not only among our clients but also our employees.

To provide our clients the finest quality services and solutions in diversified sector that is time efficient and cost effective which helps in improving their business performance. Our team with superior knowledge and skill sets with sense of ownership and core organizational values helps us to achieve our mission fostering.

We take complete responsibility for our actions.
At DEVBHOOMI ONLINE PVT. LTD, we are committed to absolute integrity and honesty in all our dealings. We are open, transparent and dependable. We mean what we say.

In all our endeavors, we target the highest standards of excellence.
We are performance driven. We are responsive to change. We strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our business including processes, technology, services and solutions to achieve our organizational goals.

Our clients are heart of our business.
Our client are prime importance for us, we ensure that every step of ours helps them grow their business. Be believe in long term relationship by delivering incomparable customer service and exceeding client experience.

Our diversified team with extensive knowledge and core competencies with their hard work helps us to achieve our unrelenting success.
Though we are diversified in our way but DEVBHOOMI ONLINE PVT LTD. environment nurtures support, alliance and trust. We as a team are optimistic in achieving our organizational goal and keeping its core value intact.


Bank Name Account Number IFSC Code Branch Address  
Axis Bank 913020033262351 UTIB0000093 Rajpur Road,Dehradun
Yes Bank 011583800001708 YESB0000115 Rajpur Road,Dehradun
Kotak Mahindra Bank 2211489209 KKBK0000153 Rajpur Road,Dehradun
How many types of Income are there?
There are mainly two types of Income:
Income generated by fulfilling the work as given by the company- Please note this income opportunity is given to all who have opted for top up. Specified work (which may vary from time to time) is given for completion in a given cycle. The work is to be completed in given time and has to error free. Separate instructions are given along with work for its permissible errors and deductions if the error increases.
Income generated by referring more persons who are willing to work and earn in the company. Sponsored is entitled to direct of Top up value of the person as referred and income generated from Binary Points.

Where does the Income go once it is generated?
All the income which gets generated goes to your Account.

How much time is taken for the incomes to get credited to my Account?
All the referral and other Income of Top up are credited to your Account on Weekly basis.
For the income which is generated from job work, it takes 30 days after we provide you the acceptance/ correction report of your work. Acceptance/ correction report is normally provided in seven days after you complete and submit your job work.

What is work cycle?
Company has divided the month into Daily cycles.

When will I get the work?
You shall be provided with the work in the next work cycle of your top up.

What is required in terms of hardware and software to do the work?
You are required to have a working PC/Laptop with internet connection to undertake the job.

How much time is required to get the work done?
This mainly varies on person to person basis. An person with good average to good typing speed should to able to complete job as provided in the 1-2 working hours a day.

Can I work from anywhere to complete the work?
Yes, you can log in from anywhere or multiple places to complete the job.

Will the work always remain same?
No, The work as provided to you can change in any cycle depending on the job which we undertake from various clients.

Can more than one person complete the given job?
Yes, the job can be divided among family members or friends of may be you can keep staff to complete the job.

Does the company promise to get the work done for any of its associate?
The answer is a big NO. Company gives you job work to complete. Also please note and beware of any person who offers you to the get your job done and tell you to pay for top up for some quick and easy money. There is no such thing and often you land up into quarrel.. You should only have top up and enter into contract with the company in case you are willing to do the job yourself or get it done yourself only. We recommend you to have the top up of that package only for the work which you can easily complete in a work cycle.

Does the Company pay if the work is not completed in time?
No. The company only pays for the completed work and submitted in the cycle in which it is provided.
All the work has to be completed in the particular cycle only. If you fail to submit the given work in that particular cycle, no payment shall be made to you for that work.

What are the total Deductions?
There are three main deductions.
TDS is deducted @ as applicable from time to time as per Govt. of India regulations. Presently it is 10% for individuals (if PANCARD IS UPATED), if PANCARD is not updated then deduction will be 20%.
Second deduction is Admin Charges of 5%.
Third deduction arises out of non completion/ part completion of work OR if the errors and corrections in the job work as provided are beyond a certain Limit. (please refer to the Instructions sheets attached with each job work for the same) (Deductions can change with time if there is any change in Govt. of India policy, or any other taxes as applicable from time to time)

When can I withdraw by way of bank transfer from my Account?
You can withdraw any amount (by leaving a minimum balance of Rs500) from your account by the way of Bank transfer. Please note that company shall transfer the funds two time weekly/monthly on thefollowing basis.

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Digitization process includes the scanning / image capturing of physical records into e-record format. We merely don’t scan the records but first understand the life, volume and quality of each physical page and decide the digitization process.
What to digitize, why to digitize etc we see each parameter of any organization and then decide its stragetigical digitization program.
We provide electronic conversion of each record which include digital imaging services i.e. scanning of physical files and a wide range of document conversion services
We provide onsite as well as offside work service.
Scanning / Indexing / Cataloging / metadata data / Image Editing services / data Extraction / Hosting are the main parameters of our service.
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